Who I Am

My first blog post probably should have included a small blurb about who I am. So here it is now. I was the second born in a family of four. I have an older sister who manages to see the best in everyone. I have an older brother who never fails to make me laugh. I have a younger sister who is as sassy as she is beautiful. I have a little brother who is witty and comical. My mom is a strong Mexican women: I call her my little giant. She stands at a whopping four feet and eleven inches. My parents went through a bitter divorce, and she somehow raised all of us well while working two jobs. I never had to go without, and I’m fiercely proud of her strength.

In high school, I never truly fit in, but I belonged in the best way. Instead of surface level friendships at parties, I got to enjoy night gazing at the stars. Ice cream in hand, my two best friends and I talked about what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go. We shared our fears and insecurities. Together, we explored our broken families and how we would refuse to be the same. When my best friend, Abby, left Chadron, Nebraska, (the very tiny town I’m from) I developed a very close friendship with my two cross country coaches. The wonderful and loving couple showed me the love of God, and my junior year I was saved.

After high school, I decided to stay in Chadron. I joined the cross country and track team. Social work was my major–until God led me to the path of English Education. Everyone around me was taking part in things I couldn’t understand. I watched my friends stay out late and sleep late, I saw them engaged in meaningless relationships, and I heard the tearful horror stories of abuse and regret. My saving grace was my fiancé at the time. Zach and I spent most of our time together. While my friends were throwing responsibilities to the wind, I was worrying about how to be a good wife.

December 31 of 2013 I married my high school sweetheart. And yes, I am a little young. So many people told us we would regret our decision to marry so early in life. There were all the usual arguments: the old ball and chain, experimenting in college, being tied down. And then there were the most depressing arguments: you fall out of love eventually, so wait longer. You’ll only be divorced. You’re better off alone. We wed, falling into something that neither of knew would be so wonderful.

Now, I am a manager at a local fast food restaurant. I’m getting deeper and deeper into my summer training for cross country. My cat is learning not to lay on the bed, and Zach is learning to love my cat. Together, Zach and I are growing and I’m so excited to see where God takes us.




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