Happy Fourth

This morning, my husband and I drove down to Oshkosh, Nebraska for the 4th of July. Oshkosh is a tiny town two hours north of Chadron. Usually I’ve always gone to Crawford with my family, but this year my husband and I decided to do something new.

Waiting in Oshkosh were my two best friends from first grade. They had driven from Santa Fe. Lydia for the weekend, and Abby for another week. Abby and Lydia are fraternal twins who are so different, yet somehow so similar. At first glance, you would be shocked to realize they were twins, let alone siblings. Lydia has light brown hair, Abby’s is almost black. Lydia has a very round face, Abby has defined angular features. If you keep looking though, you pick up on the smallest hints of familiarity. Both have big, round eyes framed by thick eyelashes. They have the same lips and the same perfect teeth.

When we first arrived, Zach and I were bombarded with hugs and questions. After a few awkward moments of silence, it seemed that we had all picked up right we had left off. Conversation was just like walking, and we moved from topic to topic. Laughter was freely flowing. It reminded me of when I was 13. I used to spend so much time with their family, and it just felt like home. It was a moment I wanted to capture in a photograph. Something that can’t be replicated, and something you know will only last for a couple of minutes. All the while, I was wishing it wouldn’t end. But of course, it did.

As I was driving home, I sifted through all the photograph memories I have taken. I added today to the catalog. Moments like this I are what I thrive for, and that’s what my deep friendship with Abby and Lydia is built upon.


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