Following My Interests

I must say, I have loved being able to call Pinterest my homework. Though I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with clothing making, I did make something. Before you get too excited it was just a cut off. But before you get too disappointed, I’ve never made one before. I know, I know. They’re like the easiest things to make. To that I say, not if your name is Nicky.

Cross country practice just happens to be at the hottest point of the day. I run out of tank tops to wear, and I’m not a fan of going shirtless. Mix all of this together and sprinkle in the fact that I’m horrible at keeping up with laundry, and I have a disaster on my hands. I was thinking about digital literacy, and suddenly I had an epiphany. I said I wanted to learn how to make clothes–and though I’m not sure this was the same thing–I found my homework. I decided making the standard cut-out would be completely unmotivated.

In the Pinterest search bar I typed “cute t-shirt cut-off ideas.” Boom. Everything I needed was at my finger tips. I surfed through all of the pictures and finally settled on what I thought was best suited for my sweaty endeavors. After I focused on a single design idea, I began to search for the best examples. Some had instructions only, some only pictures of the finished product, some had a little of both. I settled on a blog post that had step-by-step pictures.

With my shirt, laptop, and scissors at the ready, I set out on my experiment. I can’t brag too much about my perfectly crafted shirt, but I was really proud of the fact that I had made something. I’m not a person who usually enjoys crafts or DIY activities. I don’t have the time, and it’s just not something I’ve ever considered filling my time with. When I was holding the finished product I was thinking to myself “Is this deep learning?” Some might roll their eyes at the fact that I’m calling a cut-off deep learning, but for me it truly was. I didn’t know how to make one. I searched for the best method to cut. I scanned through several examples until I settled on my favorite. Using their techniques, I was able to replicate and tweak. Yes, I did only cut up my shirt, but I was able to navigate and utilize the resources at my fingertips. <a
Photo on 9-2-14 at 8.44 PM
Photo on 9-2-14 at 8.45 PM


2 responses to “Following My Interests

  1. Hey Nicky! I have to say, your cut-off looks better than any of mine ever have. I liked that you used Pinterest and searched for the method you liked. Not only that but you also found the instructions that worked best for you! Every time I have made one, I just set out with scissors in hand and started chopping. So, congrats! I think if you stick with the clothes idea you could find something you really want to try or make. Hey, who knows, maybe you could start making your own tank tops out of fabric that works best for you! I really liked your first endeavor in our 5-hour project. Way to go!

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