Don’t Give Up on Techology

I would be lying if I said anything related to technology is met with much patience on my part. In class on Wednesday, the lovely Kelsey Empfield gave us a quick tutorial on blog navigation. I was absolutely impressed by her deep knowledge of blogging that came from doing it with her own hands. She weaved an intricate illustration that involved clicking, highlighting, and typing. All of the instructions floated above me a cloud that seemed to make perfect and logical sense.


Until I left the classroom… The once happy cloud of widgets and menus quickly turned dark and thunderous. I was lost in a storm of technology that I didn’t understand. I spent hours trying to complete one task. All I wanted was to stop my blog from being a rolling page. I wanted each blog title to have its own space. One hour down and I was trying not to punch my computer screen. And then it hit me.


Why are teachers so afraid of technology? Would you want to teach something you don’t understand? If were to teach a class on blogging right now, I would be placing every single student on a sinking ship. I was furious with Word Press. Sorry, my blogging site, but I was. I was livid. I was frustrated. I was tired. I was done beyond all measure, and I didn’t want to go back to blogging ever again.


If I wasn’t in my digital literacy class right now, it might have been quite some time before I started trying again. Or if I’m honest with myself, I might have called it quits. There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Most would agree that giving up is not a desirable value. In the teaching field, this is especially true. Educators need to be able to navigate countless problems. They must be resourceful, persistent, and patient. The mechanics of blogging perplexes me, but I am determined to learn it.


I owe it to the students whose education will be in my hands. This means effort, it means research, and it means countless hours of frustration. I will become a blogging expert if that’s what it takes. Teachers who fear technology are not a rare anomaly. There are many of us who are lost and frustrated. We must take a step back, we must grit our teeth, and for the love of kittens, we must use google.


6 responses to “Don’t Give Up on Techology

  1. Nicky, I love the metaphor you create with the storm of frustration. I also had an incredibly frustrating experience with google sites two weeks ago. I so wanted to punch the computer. Your post has encouraged me to try again.

  2. I really liked this post. It is so relatable. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been so ridiculously stressed out with my computer or with websites that I do not understand. Technology definitely does take a lot of patience to understand.

  3. “Resourceful, persistent, patient”–you have absolutely nailed the qualities needed in a good teacher. We always think we’re supposed to be flashy and exciting or have dazzling lesson plans. But resourcefulness, persistence, and patience win the day every single time.

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