What Does Deep Learning Look Like?

Does deep learning look like a fancy collared shirt? Why yes it does! For my project this week–and probably a little of next week–I’m embroidering one my dressier blouses with pearls. Once again, Pinterest was my savior. I searched around for clothes ideas that looked simple enough. There it was, an adorable collared shirt that would be much cheaper to create than to buy.

To be honest, I’m horrible at sewing. Before I decided to damage one of my perfectly good dress shirts, I made a stop at my mom’s house for a quick sewing lesson. By horrible at sewing, I mean I’ve never done it before. Ever.

The one thing I am amazing at is fitting the thread through the eye of the needle. I used those fine motor skills to help my mom, and then we set off to work. Luckily she had a button that needed sewed onto a blouse, so she gave me a quick tutorial. Over under, over under. Once I had the basic mechanics down she gave me a needle and some string and let me run wild.

I drove to the store and picked out some fake pearls and various other sparkly items. Once I was satisfied with my collection, I cashed out and headed home. Once home, I worked on building confidence. Mostly, that entailed me staring at my shirt with pearls on the table and the needle in one hand. I love clothes, and the idea that I might ruin an article was hard to stomach.

After a couple deep breathes, I began my work. The pearls were difficult to attach, and I found myself wishing for a hot glue gun every five minutes. After getting only one pearl attached, I had to call my mom and ask her how to finish a thread. The process was rickety and difficult. I had to pull out the threads numerous times, and I think my fingertips will forever have red pricks.

Who doesn’t love cheap and adorable clothing? The tender fingers and mild frustration is not enough to make this a bad experience. Actually, I love doing it. My very talented mom gave me a lesson, and I’m slowing working on my sewing skills. I’ve never sewn on anything, and I’ve especially never added anything to my clothes.

I’m leaving comfort zone behind, and I’m growing more and more familiar with things that would have made me uneasy. Leaving the behind the places we are complacent is a huge aspect to deep learning. We need to be able to branch out; that is when we truly grow.

I will post the finished product when I am done, right now I'm not pleased enough with the appearance.

I will post the finished product when I am done, right now I’m not pleased enough with the appearance.

So now I’m replicating something I can see only through the use of pictures. I use “replicating” loosely here. I’m still working on the blouse. Each pearl is very time consuming, and I have a long way to go… on this side. There’s still the other left. With each pearl, I’m practicing patience and sewing. It might seem arduous and long, and while it might be, I enjoy this type of tedious work.

A cut off was pretty nice, but now I feel classy.

Thank you, Pinterest.


4 responses to “What Does Deep Learning Look Like?

  1. I feel like I have two left hands when I try to sew anything, so I’m impressed and a bit in awe of the challenge you’ve undertaken for this class. I’m very interested in your thoughts on deep learning–and how deep learning may make us feel uncomfortable, can be messy, may even be unpleasant in parts. Getting outside our comfort zone is huge. I love this line–“leaving behind the places we are complacent.”

    • I’m hoping it turns out well! It’s amazing how anything can tie in with learning. Sewing can be related to both teaching and learning. Deep learning isn’t something that’s really hard to achieve if you’re looking for it.

  2. I’m anxious to see what else happens when you “leave comfort zone behind.” My prediction is that you will have an incredibly rewarding (and yes, frustrating at times) experience.

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