Staying True to Myself

Personal Learning Network. Before class on Wednesday, I had never even heard of this. So what is your PLN? It’s using social media to both learn and teach others. Through Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other social media networks, people begin to learn from each other.

At the end of class, I was instructed to build my own personal learning networks. These are things I’m passionate about, things I want to learn about. As fun as making clothes is, it’s not something that speaks to me. I can learn plenty from Pinterest, but I have nothing to offer. I want to be able to blog about something I can give, not something that has been given to me.

So where do I go from here? A few days ago, I was in crisis mode. If I changed my project, I might feel behind. It would be easier to stick with the clothes idea, but I just kept having this yearning for something new.

How am I going to be pushing myself to build my PLN if my learning network begins to consist of something I have little interest in? What I am passionate about is my faith, education, books, and reading. I want my PLN to reflect all of these things, and I was trying to move forward with only a small part of my interests represented.

If I want to be truly, deeply, and honestly learning, I need to scratch below just the service. This class won’t be fun for me if I can’t find a way to blend all of my interests, and not leave some out.

So here I am. I have decided to blog about my daily life through the lens of my faith. It’s going to stretch me and pull me. It’s going to force me to really investigate my beliefs and feelings. The writing won’t always be comfortable, but I believe that’s when I write my best. Here’s to a new journey!


2 responses to “Staying True to Myself

  1. Your thought process here is so interesting to me. My PLN most definitely helps me figure out what I’m truly interested in. What has stuck for me in my PLN–what keeps me engaged and wanting to check up on Twitter and blog reading–is classroom teachers sharing about their reading for themselves and their students. I’m excited to see where your blog goes from here. You’re doing exactly the work I had hoped this project would lead to–a broader investigation into passion-based and deeper learning.

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