A Picture of My Perfect Day

We all lose precious time doing chores, cursing public transport delays or scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. But if you could have one day to do everything you wanted, what would it look like?

I turned over this prompt in my head for a while. I wanted to blend all of my favorite things together. I wanted nature, I wanted my husband, I wanted an activity, and I wanted God. How do I fit all of these into one photo? I thought about a photo collage, but to me that takes the creativity of the project away. I needed to find something that has all of those qualities somehow rolled into one. It needed to be seamless and simple. Something realistic.

I searched online for a good twenty minutes, and nothing captured all of the feelings I wanted. With my frustration mounting, I decided to look through the photos I had saved on my laptop. Looking at all of the different pictures I had, I actually found that I have had all kinds of perfect days.

One of my favorite days actually started out as a disaster. My husband and I were planning on flying out to Phoenix to see his parents in the summer. The night before our flight, he picked me up from a camp I was helping at. We had a late night drive back to Chadron. The late night made for a horrible early morning, and we ended up missing our check-in time by 5 minutes. Zach and I were able to rework ourflight from Phoenix to Las Vegas later that evening. His parents told us they would take the drive down and would meet us there. With that mess sorted out, my hubby and I decided dispense with the negativity. IMG_1424 We drove to a beautiful hiking path and walked hand-in-hand through the trails. Everything around us was so green and perfect. The sky never seemed to end, and the breeze against my face was something I never wanted to forget. Together we walked farther and farther from the morning. I chose this picture because it is one of my favorite days, a day I would consider perfect. I know I don’t have the chance to relive it, but I’m okay with that. I hope to have more days like this, ones catch me off guard, but in all of the right ways.


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