School Should Be Like My Living Room

Now I know what some of you might say. School is school. It should not be like your living room.

Well, I’m here to tell you I disagree.

In high school, the classes I felt I could learn the most were the ones I felt most comfortable in. In order to truly thrive, students need to feel like they can contribute. They need to feel at home, and they need to feel welcomed.

I understand that there is a fine line between comfortability and laziness. Sometimes I find myself laying on my couch, lacking any motivation. As my eyes sweep the room half-heartedly for my lost desire, I realize maybe I should go somewhere I’m forced to be productive. School, however, is a zone that people are expected to be productive. Why is it then such a stretch to try and make it more comfortable?

I want my students to realize that I expect the best from them, but I also want them to be able to walk into my classroom feeling like they have entered a zone of safety and creativity. To me, my room is going to mean everything. I spent hours this week searching Pinterest and blogs for classroom decor ideas.

I want my room to be bright, I want it to be relaxed, and I want it to be filled light. When I see my classroom, I see green walls, couches for reading areas, bookshelves, bright posters, student work, and decorations everywhere. When students and staff walk in, I’m hoping that my room oozes creative juices and evokes a sense of productivity.

Appearances and first impressions truly make an impact, and I am
willing to try anything that will improve the education of my students.




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