How Did DigiWriMo Go?

It is now December, which means that DigiWriMo is now over. How did it go for me? Honestly, completely horrible. It wasn’t horrible in the sense that it pained me to keep up with my goals; it was horrible in that I could not keep up my goals. Seriously, not at all.

4111622772_d93d6e9af2_zAt the start of the month, I had set some lofty goals up. I was determined to create on giant project. After the reality of my time crunch hit me, I decided to go for what I would enjoy. Reading books. In my defense, I actually did finish one book… I just didn’t do anything with it.

My plan had been to read books throughout the month of November and post blog reviews about them. I made it through the first book in three days time. I had pushed all of my homework to the side, and by the time I realized what I had done, I was buried deep with no hope of escape.

I had every intention of writing review after review. Then I had every intention of getting at least one done… Here’s the start of December, and I nothing to show for November.

Excuses excuses, right? I would have loved to be more involved with DigiWriMo. Now that the month is over, I see my downfall. This was one of the things I put on the back burner. Assignment after assignments kept rolling in with a due date of tomorrow. This was “due” at the end of the month. I need better time management is all I can say.

Despite my complete and utter failure at DigiWriMo, I did learn something of incredible value. This class has been my stress release. When everything was coming down at once, this was quickly moved down the list of my priorities. However, blogging and researching are one two of my moments to lose myself and de-stress.

When I wasn’t hashing out my thoughts and feelings, I found myself being more agitated and frustrated. My outlet was gone, and I was very quickly running out of internal storage. Needless to say, I never want to go through that again. Homework and all.

It is safe for me to say it; I have become a blogging addict.


One response to “How Did DigiWriMo Go?

  1. Mine was a fail too! I’m trying #WriteDaily30 this month and liking it so far. My only goal is to write SOMETHING each day on my new YA novel, even if it’s just a sentence. I tend to do better with compulsive challenges where you’re doing something every single day. If it’s just something I’m trying to get to at some point over the week, I simply don’t.

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