Digital Literacy: What Did I Learn?

What did I learn in this class? That is a question that I could write pages upon pages to answer. I have learned so much in Digital Literacy—both in class and out. In class, I learned that there is more to being a teacher than I had originally thought.

Teaching takes passion, and a great amount of it. Not that didn’t know I should be passionate; I guess I just didn’t know how. In my class, I met a teacher and fellow students full of passion that I didn’t know could so readily exists.

All semester we explored our own passions, and how we could relate those back to students. I had no idea when I began the semester that blogging about my faith would help me become a better teacher, but it has.

As I was exploring myself and my beliefs, I found that I was becoming a clearer me. I was working out my personal ideas of life, and I was strengthening my faith. Blogging my feelings, often ones I didn’t know I had, helped me to discover more of who I am and who I am through God.

Before class, I had hardly used Twitter. I found it to be overwhelming and confusing. However, when being used as a site of social purposes, it is being under-utilized. I began to use twitter for resources such as teachers and articles, and I found that it was a wellspring of knowledge. I had been just scratching the surface.

Going forth, I want to instill the same passion in my students. I don’t want them to have the same passions as me, but I want them to explore and find what interests them. This semester, I have been excited to go class every Wednesday. I want my students to feel the same way about their classes with me.

Hopefully they will learn the content I have to show them while also exploring their passions. Digital Literacy has made me eager to be a teacher, and eager to make a change.

Thank you, Dr. Ellington.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.17.13 PM


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