Slice of Life: Reset Button #SOL15

slice of life

On Tuesdays from 12-2, I work at the PAC (Physical Activity Center). Today, the first part of my shift was in the weight room. I did some light reading, and then I moved on to wash the equipment. It was then that I noticed weights out of place, either due to forgetfulness or laziness. Four 45 pound and six 35 pound weights later, and the weight room was almost clean. I only had two 20 pound weights left to finish. I grabbed one in each hand, and I made my way to the racks.

Right before the weight found it’s original home, it decided to visit my pinkie.

That’s right. I put away four 45 and six 35 pound weights, but the 20 pound is the one that chooses to strike. My finger was pinned between the rack and the weight, and I heard a disturbing crunch.

Almost immediately, I began to panic. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. That was my mantra as tears stung the edges of my eyes.

It only took moments for my second knuckle to turn into a blueberry. Both in size and in color.

I made a bee-line for the training room right across the hallway. There, I let myself cry. I filled a bag of ice, and I made my way back into the weight room. Thank goodness Lisa, one of our trainers, was getting a workout in. I showed her my pinkie, and I watched as her eyes widened.

Okay, that wasn’t a good sign.

After a few questions, she told me that my pinkie could very possibly be broken.

With ice sitting on my throbbing pinkie, I thought of my workout today. Mile repeats. The greatest torture known to a distance runner. In my mind, I had been searching for excuses to somehow escape the grueling practice.

My pinkie didn’t exactly fit the bill.

Yet somehow, my pinkie did fit the bill.

I’ve been having problems with my ankle in practice. After the first mile repeat with my pinkie taped to my ring finger, I had forgotten all about my ankle. We hit 6:05. I was tired, but I was making it. 6:00. 5:50. 5:42. 5:29.

My pinkie was throbbing. The pain made its way into my arm. I had no excuses today. My finger kept my mind off any other pain.

That 20 pound weight was a reset button to my day, and for that, I am grateful. 20150922_191529


6 responses to “Slice of Life: Reset Button #SOL15

  1. You found the silver lining! My son broke his pinkie in June and it was really a process to get it healed. He did have to have surgery. What is your healing prognosis for this injury? And oh, it’s your right hand! Poor Nicky!

    • I’ll be wearing a splint until it becomes more stable and less painful. Luckily, a visit from the doctor told me it’s not broken. It’s incredible that our pinkies are so fragile! I’m sorry he had to have surgery, that just sounds awful!

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