My Classroom: Vision and Values



Each of my students will have at least one meaningful experience from something they have read, or something they have written.

Writing or reading has a far greater impact on a student who is genuinely touched. Learning becomes exciting when a student’s passions can be awakened. I want my students to make connections between their own lives and reading material. I hope that students who work hard are able to taste the fruits of their labor. I pray that they taste, and they are so proud of the work it took to grow their product. I want every student to be engaged deeply in one piece of writing or reading because that is when learning takes place.

My students will read and write for authentic, real-world purposes. 

English class wasn’t very fun for me when I felt like I was doing pointless activity. So many times I felt bogged down with busy work. Read a paragraph. Answer some questions. In my class, I want students to see their work as meaningful. I don’t finish an incredible book and impulsively write a book report. I tell a friend about it, maybe even blog a review for others to see. I want my students to see writing and reading as a permanent aspect of their life, and the only way to do this is to engage them in ways that are authentic and true to their habits.

My students will see themselves as writers, readers, and learners. They will develop a literate life that extends beyond just the classroom. 

Without the ability to see themselves as a writer or a reader, students can convince themselves that they have no business doing either. Even if my students are not confident with their abilities, I want them to see themselves as growing writers, readers, and learners. If my students see themselves as these things, and if they are engaged in authentic and practical work, I believe their literate lives will extend beyond the classroom.

My students will learn to become well educated about the world around them. They will be exposed to diverse social issues, and become advocates for their rights, as well as the rights of others. 

Before I was an education major, I was in social work. I am incredibly passionate about people. I am passionate about their oppression, struggles, and setbacks. I want to make a difference. I have such a deep desire for my students to be well-informed and passionate about the rights and needs of others. I believe they can achieve this by reading challenging pieces that allow space to think and write. This allows them space to think and grow as human beings.


CC Tom Cooper


One response to “My Classroom: Vision and Values

  1. Such a strong vision & values statement! I especially like how you’ve annotated each item and explained why it’s so important. You might want to read Linda Christensen’s books about teaching and Richard Kent’s. Strong social justice focus in both classrooms. Really inspiring and influential for me. I will bring one of Christensen’s books for you tonight. I’ve had to re-order the other two because a whole bag of my professional development books got cat-peed on! Most expensive damage Abby has ever done since some of those books were like $90 each!

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