Slice of Life: Runners have Amnesia #SOL15

slice of life

Runners have amnesia.

We forget that our

nerves push us through

the first few minutes of

a race. We forget that

with a mile to go,

our legs are buckling

underneath us. We forget

our lungs are screaming.

Our bodies beg us to

slow down. Our brains

shriek to hold pace.

We forget that we

feverishly fantasize

the finish line. We forget

the desperation

to quit, and the


to persevere.

We finish,

and we forget.

Runners have amnesia.


8 responses to “Slice of Life: Runners have Amnesia #SOL15

  1. I’m glad you published this Nicky, it’s as lovely as when you read it last week. I get annoyed that you continue to come up with these amazing free writes and my own notebook is such a mess 😉 but I love reading them.

  2. Love this piece so much, Nicky! Beautifully crafted and yes, very insightful look at the runner’s mind. Also very inspiring as a mentor text. I’m thinking about how the things I do that are so hard definitely require amnesia! (Hello, parenting!)

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