Cover Characteristics: Skyline

This week I’m participating in the meme Cover Characteristics, hosted by Sugar and Snark. The cover characteristic of the week was “skylines.” I chose 5 of my favorite book covers with standout skylines. Some I am reading, some I have read, and others are on my TBR list.

The first is my current read, Brown Girl Dreaming. Jacqueline Woodson writes in verse poetry in order to explore the past segregation in the United States and the effect that has on a young African American girl. The coloring of the cover drew me in, and the synopsis sealed the deal.


Written in the Stars is one of my favorite recent reads. Immediately, I was attracted by the designs and the unique buildings in the background. Luckily, the content was even better. The book explores the merging of two cultures and the turmoil a teen in both worlds may feel. Aisha Saeed explores specifically the trauma of forced marriage.

Moonglass was a book I fell in love with my junior year of high school. As a fan of romance novels, the two holding hands on the cover really drew me in. Anna is no stranger to loss. She has coped with the loss of her mother’s secretive death, and the sudden upheaval from home. When she meets a boy, she must decide if she will love again. Touching, sweet, and well-written.

At the very top of my TBR list is A Thousand Splendid Suns  after having fallen hard for Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. The cover looks surreal and mysterious, and also very enticing. The novel is a heartbreaking look into love, friendship, and loss in the increasingly dangerous streets of Kabul.


Orbiting Jupiter is currently on my TBR list. It was a recommendation I received during NCTE that I wrote down mostly for the cover. Joseph who is only 14 and in foster care is desperately searching for his daughter, Jupiter. When his past resurfaces, he’ll have to make a choice with risky consequences.


11 responses to “Cover Characteristics: Skyline

  1. I was literally just tweeting about how I read the Kite Runner and how I need to read A Thousand Splendid Suns, then I see this and it is further confirming that I truly need to read that book! I also want to read Brown Girl Dreaming. I already foresee the TBR expanding. These are all beautiful covers.

    • I really loved this book meme! It was fun, but it did take me a surprising amount of time. The Kite Runner difficult and heartbreaking, but so wildly redeeming and beautiful! It’s a MUST read.

  2. I LOVE this meme! What amazing book covers!
    Brown Girl Dreaming has been popping up on my feeds regularly. I’ve been looking for a verse novel and it might be it! What are your thoughts of it?

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