It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #imwayr 9/19/16


This week my cross-training at practice has taken a nose dive, which is both good and bad. It’s good because my fracture is healed enough to handle more mileage, bad because I have less time to peddle on a stationary bike and read. Luckily for me, I still have mornings.


I finished El Deafo, which was completely adorable. Cece, as a result of an illness when she was four, has lost her ability to hear independently. Lip reading, body language, hearing aids are the only things that help her communicate with the world around her. She must come to terms with who she is now and learn what it means to be herself. Encouraging, uplifting, and completely praiseworthy.


I have been desperately waiting for Pale Kings and Princes by Cassandra Clare to become available on my Overdrive App, and IT IS FINALLY HERE PEOPLE. I actually spent my 35 minutes of biking listening to it on tape and then 20 minutes of putting away laundry. This is book 6 of the series and Helen Blackthorn, half fae and half shadowhunter, is introduced. After the war, the Cold Peace has lumped all faeries into the category of evil, and Simon is coping with this cruel stereotype. Can he stand up for what he believes in? Will his friends ever see their own prejudices? And will the 8th book be available for me by tomorrow?


What can I say about This One Summer? I am absolutely loving it! The illustrations are incredible and the plot is so relatable. Young Rose is at the doorstep of her teen years and she is just as curious as she is unsure.The mounting problems between her parents and the growing tension that comes from becoming older is giving me flashbacks. An incredible coming of age novel–graphic novel.

bird and squirrel.jpg

Bird and Squirrel is the perfect middle grade book. There is minimal words and plenty of pictures, which is fantastic. As I was reading this on the couch, my husband asked me several times why I was laughing. A quick read, but something I can assure you won’t regret. Plus, there’s a cat.

Drowned City.jpg

Drowned City might be my favorite graphic novel I have read so far. When I was in grade-school, I inhaled books those books that explained how rain was formed or how volcanoes erupted. They were somehow able to explain the complex science in a way that my small mind understood and in a way that has stuck with me. Don Brown has done the same thing, but in graphic novel form. I learned so much about Hurricane Katrina. Please, please, PLEASE read this.


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