It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #imwayr 9/26/16



I did not expect to like Yummy as much as I did. Novels about gang violence make me nervous and I hate hearing about the gang related tragedies many youth face. I was especially nervous because unlike most books, this one had pictures. I take back all my fears though. G. Neri flipped the lens of who the victim and who the aggressor is. Even though Yummy murders a girl, is he solely to blame? Neri gives sympathy and understanding to a world that is so difficult to wrap our minds around.

Shadowhunter Academy Cover Placement

I inhaled The Fiery Trial in one day. I meant to savor it because it might be a little while until the person ahead of me for the next book finishes, but I apparently have zero self control. Zero. In the Shadowhunter world, parabatai are more than best friends; their souls are bound to another. Is it too late for Simon to have a parabatai? I was biting my nails by the last few chapters, but most definitely worth the read!


I must say I wasn’t a fan of Tracks through the first couple of chapters. It was very dark and hard to wrap my mind around. As the chapters progressed and I came to know the characters better, I may have flipped sides. Native Americans are slowly losing their culture and land to the invasive whites. Some fight to hold on to tradition, some fight to let go. Powerfully supernatural and magical, this book is making me turn page after page.


Persepolis is told in the point of view of the author when she was a young girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I didn’t expect to be loving it so much. The illustrations are captivating and brutally honest, much like the voice of the story. She details her daily life in Iran as she and her family fight to keep their dignity and way of life.


Sunny Side Up is about a young girl who goes to visit her grandfather in Florida for the summer. That sounds awesome, right? The only downside is Sunny is surrounded by old people. Sunny is able to bond with her grandfather and a new friend while coping with the reason she’s in Florida in the first place. Can’t wait to keep digging into this book. I’m only 15 pages in so far!


One response to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #imwayr 9/26/16

  1. So glad you liked Yummy. I’ve never met a high school student who didn’t want to read it either, and I do love those sure-fire titles. There’s a sequel to Persepolis (I might have it–I can check for you if you want to read it), but I actually like her book Embroideries best, though it’s racy!

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