It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR 11/21/16

This week, I went to NCTE and absolutely loved it. I’ll have a blog post a little bit later unpacking my greatest takeaways. But anyway, I got soooo many books that I’m so excited to read. A few of the books on my list this week are thanks to NCTE and Christian for letting me borrow them.

will and whit.jpg

Will and Whit was absolutely adorable! I read Page by Paige also by Laura Lee Gulledge, and liked it okay. But this book was fantastic. When Will decides to embrace the mourning process of losing both her parents, I mourned right along with her. 4/5


I read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson in high school. I really liked the dark and creepy elements, as well as the cautionary message that it carried. I was able to read Miles Hyman’s retelling in graphic novel form. The images were so powerful and weighty. I was not disappointed. 5/5


Nothing Can Go Wrong by Prudence Shen was probably my favorite graphic novel of the week. It was just so stinking funny. I read it on the plane ride back from Atlanta and I couldn’t stop laughing aloud to myself. The illustrations were so good at conveying the characters emotions ranging from pouty to horrified. I also deeply connected with Charlie’s anger and bitterness and his mom’s new relationship. 5/5


This weekend I read the adaption of Fahrenheit 451 into a graphic novel. I have to say that the artwork was so beautiful. The colors represented so well what was going on in the plot and the emotions behind it. I just wasn’t that engaged with the story. Maybe that’s not the graphic novel’s fault, maybe it’s the originals. It just wasn’t captivating to me. 3/5


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